Personal Journey

Mourning Inside.

I feel like crying. My heart is heavy tonight as I sit here at my desk. It’s not a sadness nor a clinical depression. What I am feeling is sorrow. A mourning inside of me that I can’t shake. I am well aware of what time it is and that the Tribulation is looming over the world now. My heart is just aching. I have family and loved ones that are not ready for what’s about to hit. The world that we have known all of these years of our lives is about to change forever, and there is no turning back. This is God’s Will and it shall be done.

Israel is the Apple of God’s Eye. The whole world is against Israel now just as prophesied in the Bible. God is about to deal with Israel as the Age of Grace is coming to a close. The Jews were blinded for the sake of the Gentiles. See Romans 11 in The Word of God. If the Jewish people knew that Jesus was The Messiah they would not have crucified Him. It’s God’s Plan. So you see, just before this horrific time of peril and destruction, Jesus Christ, The Son of God and Messiah will be gathering His People. The Children of God who have called upon the Name of The Lord and are sealed by His Holy Spirit make up the ready Bride of Christ. They will be caught up to meet Jesus in the sky. The dead in Christ shall rise first.

The United States is truly about to be judged for its rebellion against the One Who has made it the great nation it has been for so long. People continue to say God Bless America. He has blessed America beyond measure. But man has been destroying this great nation from the inside out as part of the New World Order plan. Perhaps most people are unaware of this New World Order or one world government with the one world religion and monetary system. It’s all foretold in The Bible as well in Revelation 13.

Trump CAN’T SAVE AMERICA. Judgement will come…and The Antichrist will be revealed after The Holy Spirit filled Church is removed.

So I’m just gonna keep it short and simple tonight. If you don’t already…I encourage you to seek a relationship with God Almighty through His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only Way to The Father and thus to Heaven. He has transformed my heart and my nature. You can read my testimony throughout this blog. I’m no longer a gambling addict among other things.

In your own words…


Your chains too can be broken right now. God bless


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