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It hurts that it has to be this way. I am blessed with my eyes wide open to the truth of this world and just how things really are. My entire perception of reality has changed, and sometimes it can get to me and reality hurts. I have this brokenhearted feeling within me. Tears from the depths of my soul. If only people would listen. If only everyone would pause for a moment to take it all in and to see just how we take everything for granted.

Life is fragile and all is uncertain. Nobody knows when their last breath will be drawn or when they will see someone for the last time. When it really is goodbye. If we would all come to understand what it really means to show others that they matter and are really valued… If we could forgive as easy as the grudges that we hold are so quickly formed… People get offended. We hold onto bitterness which robs us of the precious time that we have on this earth as human beings. We take others for granted, living like they’ll always be there, when the truth is, nothing stays the same. We are not promised another day or breath. It hurts to think about how we just go through the motions day after day, when people need to know they are loved and they matter. They need to hear and also see how much we care for them.

Just let it all go. These dark, heavy feelings you have toward others are truly silly and childish when you step back and look at your life. Keeping harsh feelings and a negative outlook on life and other people (for whatever reason) is robbing you of this very short, precious life on earth. The devil comes to lie, kill, and destroy. He loves gossip and whispering lies into your mind, causing confusion to create strife in your mind and among others. Planting seeds of doubt, there is an assault on your faith! Satan gets great satisfaction from causing division and creating conflict between people. However The Lord Jesus Christ came and died for our Salvation, to give us peace and show us how to forgive.

Remember The Cross.


2 thoughts on “Time.”

  1. I love the message you share her dear sister! Its a real gem! I wrote and share one recently on my blog On May 12th “Forgive To Have Inner Peace.” Your heart is right where it needs to be…your words show that you have embrace the genuine love of our Lord and you love him enough to share his love with others through what you write. Hugs and blessings to you always!

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