Personal Journey

Something Sweeter.

So, today I turned 31 years old. I’ve had a nice, quiet day at home.

This is my “cake” or birthday desert.


I love Birthdays. I love Birthday wishes from friends, family and Brothers & Sisters in Christ.

People are given special privileges on their birthdays. They’re given slack and excuses. They’re spared of the normal duties of the day or household chores. They’re shown favor at work and at home. On Birthdays people are showered with gifts. They get sung to. On Birthdays, people are honored.


I just want to give all the Glory & Honor to my King, The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son of The Living God. Today I exalt Him. Today on my 31st Birthday I praise Him and give thanks. It is by His Grace that I have made it to this point, that I am even alive. Nothing on this earth satisfies me anymore. My treasures are laid up beyond the blue in Heaven. The Bible says what is seen is temporal and what is unseen is eternal. Looking back on this life as I anxiously await the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ, I see so clearly now. My eyes are wide open now and there’s no turning back.

I needed something sweeter than what this world has to offer. I needed Jesus. Now I have a peace that you could not understand. My chains have been broken. I’m no longer an addict and a bunch of other things too. The sweets of Heaven in Jesus cannot be compared to the sugars of this world. I’m about to be transformed into the likeness of my Lord. The scars on my body will be gone with all of the dark memories that linger still.

If you haven’t called upon Jesus and asked Him to be Lord of your life, do it now before the Tribulation begins! The Church hasn’t left yet, but Jesus will be here any moment to save those that are His from what is about to become a painful reality for most.

Romans 10:9 King James Version (KJV)

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.


There’s nothing Sweeter than walking with Jesus! 🙂

Whatcha think?

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