Personal Journey


I can relate so much…lovely post! God bless ūüôā



  • The¬†condition¬†of¬†being¬†oneself,¬†and¬†not¬†another
  • Condition¬†or¬†character¬†as¬†to¬†who¬†a¬†person¬†is
  • The set of behavioural or personal characteristics by which an individual is recognizable
  • the¬†fact of being who or what a person or thing is
  • Characteristics, definition, defining oneself

Thinking back to how I used to be, and pondering all of what I’ve gone through, I consider myself nothing less than a miracle. The need for the sense of identity is very important to human beings, both on an individual and social level. My identity was so lost and confused in the past, but God has brought me through so much.

I love the passage in the Bible where God calls a prophet to choose a new King. The prophet went to the house of a certain man who had seven sons. When he saw the biggest and strongest son, he thought definitely he was to be the new king. God told him ‚Äėno‚Äô. In fact, the answer‚Ķ

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