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Powerhouse Speech! America: Land of Lions ran by a sheep.

Allen West Trashes the Iran Nuclear Deal

Former US Congressman Allen West, describing himself as a US Army combat paratrooper, delivered an impassioned speech at the New York rally tearing apart the Iranian nuclear deal.

West brought common sense to a nuclear deal that is absolutely absurd in every way. He begins by questioning how the US could even sit down with an insane regime who chants “Death to America”. What happened to the world’s greatest superpower?

West blames the Obama Administration of failing to recognize the threat of extremist Islam, viewing the deal as a total surrender to the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is a MUST watch!

I came across this article/video online and had to share. I believe that the leader of the U.S. has been and is gradually destroying the nation from the inside out. Purposely…& possibly being the antichrist. For real.


1 thought on “Powerhouse Speech! America: Land of Lions ran by a sheep.”

  1. This is true; however, Obama was elected, even though in 2008, he could not prove his citizenship. After that, any birth certificate could be artificially created. Barack Obama is the most evil man on earth.

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