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Today & My Dog: journal entry

I found out my dog (really my best friend and daughter) has some big issues with her Pancreas. She began messing in the house again today (which I have been monitoring and taking note of for awhile now) and I finally realized that it’s not going to go away. A while back I took her to the Vet and as prescribed, we gave her a dose of medicine every day for a week to calm her tummy and stop the diarrhea. Here we are.

No worms. No reaction to pressure or heart issues. Next step…blood work. It took 8 minutes to get the results. The veterinarian showed and explained the results to me. Everything was normal…except the 2 test results that are of the Pancreas-and her numbers were “way off” as he said. Doc gave her a shot to help with her GI dilemma and feel better. Tonight we begin a new dropper medication that will become twice a day until we run out. I held onto my baby when she didn’t want to stand on the metal exam table. I kissed her cheeks and whispered sweet nothings in her big ears the whole time.


Little Bit is 13 years old.


My senior year, in 2002, we got her as a puppy from a woman that had to move. Little Bit is a furry-four-legged angel from God above. It is even more clear in the fact that she showed up just prior to the year I lost it, and the soon Bipolar diagnosis. What a friend she has been to me and still is.

From cruising downtown with LB in my convertible, to snuggles in bed while doing my homework in high school, AND college, we’ve really been close for so long. I love her. I didn’t really think about the inevitable until later this evening, at my computer in the quiet. I know that if I outlive her, which is very probable, her passing is going to be very difficult. But, hey, I lost my dad last year, so I know that this can’t be any worse than that, which I did survive.

The way she loves me…always sneaking around every closed door I’m behind, and how she uses her head and body language to express her undying love for me. Little Bit leans in and sort of curves her head around like she’s letting me know how much she adores me…There’s more. God created Little Bit in her momma’s tiny womb 13 years ago. All good things come from above. He obviously had a plan for this little, black Chihuahua. Now I see it all so clear.

I do believe with all my heart that The Lord will take care of my baby. She has emotions, a personality, expresses concern and shares love. It may not be as a human soul, but there is something inside my baby that is beyond this world. I believe our fur babies go on, my friends. I’m not saying It’s in the Bible that all dogs go to heaven, but I do know that our God is ever so loving and merciful. He Himself is the One who sends our precious pets to us to begin with, custom fitted for our unique lives.


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