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5 Sensitivities That Affect People Living With Bipolar Disorder

Powerful, Informative Article for better understanding Bipolar Disorder!

Thrive With Bipolar Disorder

Everyone living with bipolar disorder experiences and is affected by bipolar disorder differently.

However, we all share specific sensitivities that can cause us to be more symptomatic or less symptomatic.

1. We are all affected by changes in our circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms are the natural rhythm that occurs in our body that tells us things like when its time to eat, sleep, when to wake-up, time to be active, have sex, rest etc.

Everyone has these rhythms. With us living with bipolar disorder, our brains and bodies are more sensitive to changes in these rhythms.

2. We are highly sensitive to changes in our quality and amount of sleep.

When our bodies need less sleep we are highly vulnerable for mania or depression, possibly already in stages of mania or depression.

Quality sleep, deep sleep, is very important in maintaining our stability.

We ideally go through 4 cycles of…

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