Christianity, Depression, Hope, Jesus

When nobody else was there, Jesus was.

When nobody else was there in the darkest of hours, Jesus was. I cried out and He heard me.


I’m gambling free. I’m alive. He’s kept me from death many times I’m sure…I have put myself in harms way and tried to harm myself many times in my 30 years. The beginning of my healing was scary…but I had no idea just how sweet Victory’s Savor would be…and I’ve never known freedom like this.  Choosing to follow Jesus doesn’t mean life will be easy. It just means you can finally walk with ease.

In Him there’s this healing & restoration of a broken heart and crushed spirit that I can’t explain. I love you Jesus. Thank you, my King, for it ALL! Glory to the Lamb of God! You will never leave me nor forsake me…I am unworthy…but Praise God for this Sacrifice, the Lamb that saved us all! I love you, Jesus!




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