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We Won’t Be Shaken!

It is so very important to draw nigh to God right now!

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

The Bible warns us of tribulations to come. Whatever can be shaken, will be shaken!  Nothing in this world is steadfast. From the weather to our finances and even our relationships… they all sway to and fro… except God, for He is not of this world! But He is the Rock that we can stand on at all times, no matter what is happening around us. God wants us to realize that He is calling us to higher levels of faith in Him… that nothing that happens in this world will move us because we are His.

We won’t be shaken…
no matter what tomorrow brings!
But how many have this faith…
  and can declare these words as we sing.
When our marriage falls apart…
or someone we love dies…
when our hearts get broken…
by any abuse or man’s lies.

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