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No Blank Check to Obama on Iran!

Hey everyone,

I came across something going on in Congress right now that I think we (the American people) should really take a hard look at.

Basically, If you care about Israel and what’s going on here with this Iran deal, I encourage you to check this out!

President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry are pushing full-steam-ahead in their negotiations with Iran. They claim they are close to a good deal that will ensure our security. But every report we see indicates that they are nearing a bad deal that will endanger America, Israel and the West.

Every major arms-control agreement in recent history has been submitted to Congress for approval. A deal with Iran should be no different. When it comes to a subject this critical, President Obama must not have a blank check.

Legislation has been introduced in the Senate to ensure that Congress reviews any nuclear agreement with Iran. President Obama has vowed to veto this legislation. Thus this bill must not only pass, but it must pass by a veto-proof majority of 67 senators or more!

To ask your senators to support this important legislation,

***click HERE.

Let’s demand that Congress review any nuclear deal with Iran!

God bless

Whatcha think?

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