Life, Personal Journey

Keep Moving Forward

Have you screamed into your pillow lately?


What holds us back?

Why do we throw in the towel?

We don’t have to feel envy toward others for their accomplishments, their new babies, their engagements, their lavish weddings & honeymoons. Happiness is not being in a romantic relationship or being in love. Life cannot be accurately measured in terms of how great you were. Regardless of the digits or lack of in your income. Whether you have a nice net worth, or no bank accounts…we all pass away. We are mortals.

Everyone has their ups & downs in life. We have crises, remarkable milestones. We overcome, we fall down.

The car a person drives is a set of wheels, no matter what the make, model, or year. Material things may shimmer…but their joy is but for a season.

You are not defeated if you are reading this. AT ALL. In fact, you are not defeated until the day you leave this world, when the book is shut.

Next week, tomorrow, next year, before Christmas, for the upcoming dance…deadlines don’t have to destroy our hope if they’re not met. There have been at least a hand full of times where I set out to be some goal weight by a particular holiday….or date, whatever. It’s difficult to face the truth, but the truth is that our mortal deadlines aren’t always the best or right for us.  Having experienced several Mania’s over the years I know what being overly ambitious is.

What you’ve done, or failed to do does not define who you are.

You are a soul living inside a body made of flesh. We are easily breakable. Our bodies are so fragile, and so are our hearts. The concepts of jealousy, self loathing, regret…it’s all deception. The root of it all stems from the truth of good and evil in the world.

If you hate your body, remember that it is the carrier of your soul. We only get one! And your mind…be careful what you put into it. Music, movies, books, whatever. The sights, sounds and ideas are stuffed in there always. However, you can shed the thoughts and habits of yesterday if you are willing enough.

Love yourself.


Whatcha think?

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