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Our Youngest Doggy turns 4 today!

Today our baby girl, Bella, turns 4 years old! She still acts like a puppy & fights with her sister for her plush, green ball. She loves to snuggle around my neck, belly rubs, & truly completes our family! God bless ya, Belle! We love you so very much! You make our world go ’round!

God has truly blessed us with a zoo of children. From our 3 birdies, many salt fish, a 55 gal. gold fish tank, and of course the 3 female Chihuahuas…and they are all in our den! I love animals, their personalities, hearts, and the very souls within them.  I also love how Rocky (Parakeet) wags his tail in joy when we meet for the first time daily. I love Oscar’s developing whistles or tunes and eventual talking (male Cockatiel) and J-Bird (Yellow female) isn’t so bad even tho she is very moody 99% of the time, haha.

My 3 dogs made for wonderful unofficial emotional support dogs. How Great is our God! He has made such beautiful things…I am so blessed.

Happy Birthday, Bella!


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