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If Bipolar Is personal for you, this Hits Home! Let’s do something about it!

See where it happened here on Fox News, & listen to the phone call between Host Tom Sullivan and a successful woman who actually is living her life while managing Bipolar disorder.

Sullivan states in the call that Bipolar disorder is “something made up by the mental health business” and just “the latest fad.”  He then suggested that perhaps “”maybe somebody’s talked you into feeling and thinking this way.”

The caller later challenged Sullivan over his remarks, saying she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder thirteen years ago and mental health treatment allowed her to graduate from college and obtain a full-time job. The caller, who now volunteers with Stop Stigma Sacramento, noted that bipolar disorder isn’t a made up illness and is biological.

The rest of the dialogue is just unbelievable.

See & hear the rest below:

There’s currently a petition ongoing about all this:

Ignorant FOX Host Says Bipolar Disorder is “Made Up” – Demand an Apology and Retraction

You can check it out and sign at


Let’s kick the stigma!

God bless!




1 thought on “If Bipolar Is personal for you, this Hits Home! Let’s do something about it!”

  1. Hi Mandy, I have known several persons diagnosed with bipolar disorder–and others with bipolar tendencies but not a diagnostic disorder. Those with the diagnosis really do have recognizable behavioral impairment which matches all I have read about the disorder and these people really do need the help they can receive through disability services and the mental health industry.
    BTW I can usually recognize right away someone who is either diagnostically or just tending to BPD when I do life mapping with them. Their thematic lines are +5/-5 almost all the way through!

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