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8 ways to prevent the winter blues called SAD ( Seasonal Disorder)

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8 Ways to Prevent the Winter Blues Called SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

By: Diane Lang

SAD is such a relevant topic right now due to the weather. AS I write this we are expecting another storm in the north east. There are many people who experience a change of moods during the winter months, particularly a feeling of depression and sadness. Typically when the weather gets warmer, these feelings will begin to lessen. If you are feeling under the weather during the cold winter months but not sure if you are having seasonal disorder, you can check to see if you are experiencing certain symptoms related to the disorder.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Symptoms:

1. Feelings of sadness, hopelessness and anxiety during the winter months.

2. Feeling fatigue, loss of energy, trouble concentrating and unmotivated.

3. The feelings of sadness, fatigue, isolated, etc. that start out mild and become more…

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