Personal Journey

Beautiful Exchange

Truth. And so Beautiful…. 🙂


Gold solar field of sunflowers in Tuscany, ItalyWe can carry burdens in life that we were never designed to bear: trauma, shame, guilt, unforgiveness, self-condemnation, anxiety, fear.

The more we pack into our suitcase the slower our travel time will be on this path of life.  We were meant to be light and free. We were created to continuously grow and move forward.

God made us in His image on purpose for a purpose. He placed us in our time and location for mission. Even when we went our own way God loved us so much He sent Jesus for us.

Jesus lived a perfect life for us, He died on the cross as us, and God raised Him from the dead and brought us with Jesus so we can have resurrected life. Now through ‘the great exchange’ we can place all of our burdens at the foot of the cross and receive from Jesus his light and…

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