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God’s Skywriting

Here in eastern Kentucky, a 60 degree + sunny day is very rare for January. I love my treadmill, but when I can, I just love walking outside. It’s so much more relaxing, and I’m able to pray, to talk to God for 45 minutes or something.

It was a rough morning. Self esteem struggles meets battery-corroded Beats headphones was devastating 3 hours before. I took a nap. When I awoke in the afternoon I felt like God was giving me another chance (before I went back to bed my husband somehow fixed my headphones, but I just gave up). The sun was still shining bright, so warm & welcoming.

So still…the other day, when it was over 60 here, I seized the day and the opportunity! I headed to a walking track on the top of a nearby mountain. I listened to a lot of uplifting Christian music. From pop sounding Jamie Grace, to rockin’ Matt Maher. And I prayed. Out of the blue on one lap, I recalled a sermon I’d heard where a preacher was telling the congregation to ask God for signs. Then I thought that I didn’t need one…

Then there it was. In the sky as I looked up…

The Letter “A” for my name (as I took it) Amanda!!!

Airplanes make lines in the sky and whatever else, but it was there nonetheless. I do not believe in coincidences at all. I saw that “A” for a reason, and God made it. I also felt His warm, loving presence embrace all of me as the sun warmed through my jacket.

I love the little things that our Father does like that. You know. Where you’re like “I know that was you, Father!” and you grin and feel His great love!

Thought I’d share this experience! God bless you guys! ❤


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