Memories Lost

A personal testimony on ECT. Very informative! Great post. 🙂

One of the most stressful things about electro-convulsive therapy is the memory loss.  Predominantly this is short term memory but some long term memories are also lost.  During my most recent set of electro-convulsive treatments, I suffered quite dramatic memory loss that adversely affected my life in a number of ways.  A few examples:

  • Before my treatment began I had arranged with a few close friends of mine to get together while we had the opportunity because I was going to be in Brisbane.  My treatment started before the date came around and I forgot entirely about our arrangements.  One of my friends was understanding of my predicament but the other, who probably does not know about the memory loss experienced by ECT patients was quite upset with me.  I felt terrible and was very apologetic, yet there was nothing I could do as the memory had been lost…

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