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My Troubling Personal Health Concerns (journal entry)

My sleep schedule has been super wacky for about a month now. The problem isn’t falling asleep-I drift off rather quickly. The trouble I’m experiencing now is with my sleep/wake cycle. I wake up anywhere from 2-4 hours after falling asleep. It seems like my mind and body think I am napping. When I do “nap” in the day, the naps tend to be long. 3 hours. I guess I’m so fatigued because of all of this and the naps are a result of it all. They’re feeding my struggle and its a nasty cycle.

My exercising and walking has been so few and very far between. This rotten sleep situation is taking a toll on my physical and mental capability/desire to get back into the great habits that changed my life in the form of 40lb weight-loss last year. I’m sure I’ve put some of it back on. I think I have some excess body fluid right now and although my T4 and all those Thyroid tests in labs show to be normal, I am having what seems like hot flashes. I feel like crying for no reason at times. I am not depressed. I am happy most of the time, to be truthful.  Hormone troubles?

The other day I woke up at 4 a.m. inside of a panic attack. I haven’t had one in over a decade. I’ve never had one sleep-related. My heart was beating at the speed of light. It went away in less than 10 minutes, but was very scary. I’m now concerned because I have been waking with somewhat of a racing heart in the mornings or after a longer period of sleep. What in the world is going on with me???

Also…I have this restless spirit about me when I get sleepy and its bedtime. I resist it. I read a few pages in a book and turn out the light…then I am awake a few hours later. Broken sleep is no good for Bipolar disorder.

I’m Hypothyroid  (treated with Synthroid for years). Hormones. Hot flashes. Occasional night sweats. Poly cystic Ovarian. Irregular menses. Weight struggles. Panic attack. Treated for different types of Anxiety for years. Racing heartbeat upon waking up or is it waking me up? I have Bipolar 1 disorder, so aside for Synthroid, I’m taking Lithium, Lamictal, & an anti-depressant. Also a sleep aid…And I’m 29 years old. I’m just clueless! Any ideas, thoughts, insight…comments are so, so very appreciated!

Take care everyone. It is 2:30 a.m. and I must go back to bed…

3 thoughts on “My Troubling Personal Health Concerns (journal entry)”

  1. Every one of the symptoms you described could be aggravated by sugar (or refined white carbs, like flour, that turn to sugar when metabolized). The things that go on in our brains (right or wrong, functional or dysfunctional) are fed by sugar molecules. Have you considered laying off sugar for a while, or at least refraining from its use after Noon so you can get some sleep?

    1. Never thought of that! Very interesting, and sounds great. I am going to look into that now.
      Thank you so much for this comment!
      I am so ready to live again.. 😛

      1. Beware! Many are unknowingly addicted to sugar. If you allow yourself three days of withdrawal, and stick to it, you will find the best benefits are right behind that though some benefits (like sleep disruption) are immediate. I found that living without sugar was so revitalizing, I’ve been doing it for four and a half years straight. I hope it works well for you. You may even change your pen-name after this! 🙂

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