Looking up In Despair

Things are looking pretty grim from down here on earth.  We recently saw a great, many people gather in Paris to take a stand and show they are tired of the terror attacks etc.. which was awesome by the way, But…Have people forgotten about the ‪#‎bringbackourgirls‬

when the acts of terror happened in Nigeria this weekend? Poor 10 year old girl became an unwilling human bomb. She had no clue when it would go off. She went in as a ‘suicide bomber’ by the cowardly ‘soldiers’ of the Boko Haram. I think there were 3 girls. The rest of us who aren’t persecuted in such a fashion yet are hanging on by our nails to the edge, just trying not to fall with the rest of it all…God bless America. Let us pray for the world.






All of you radical Islam extremists…terrorist groups, secret societies or whatever…

  • Indeed you are working diligently for another world to come.
  • It’s just not the one you think its gonna be.
  • What is so good about murder and taking people out? What the hell do you think you are doing? You don’t know love. You don’t know anything about love at all.


Whatcha think?

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