Happy New Year 2015, WordPress Friends!

Happy New Year, Y’all!!!

The hubby & I all cozy.

At the beginning of this year, I encouraged everyone, declaring that this would be OUR Year! Great things would happen! And in my personal life, at first I wasn’t so sure…but they did happen. They happened in a more Divine way… 😉

2014 was the second most difficult year of my life. However, this year in all of my afflictions and struggling, I have been spiritually transformed. Turns out my greatest battles were inside of me all along.

The eyes of my heart were opened. I see God working in my life.


  1. I found out that I am wonderfully and fearfully made. The Lord made my body, knowing how it would shrink and expand at times. He makes no mistakes. Its okay for my weight to fluctuate now and then. My main concern is now my health, avoiding Diabetes, & taking care of me in all matters of life.  I shed the Vanity of my youth. I am then going to be being a better help to all of my loved ones. Kindness and Love.
  2. I’m more bold about sharing my faith (as you’ve probably noticed) with the world. I know that I must walk the walk, not just talk the talk, but I am unafraid. I share positive messages and inspirational posters on Facebook all the time. Many of them including God, Jesus and all things related. I try to encourage people to open up and give God a chance. My goal is to share the great healing that I know because of the Son of God. The Good News of Him, and the hope of the world. I’m not ashamed either. It’s not what they think of me, it’s about getting the world to think about Him.
  3.  I survived losing my dad to his many health complications. It is possible to heal after losing a loved one. Saying goodbye in the ICU and then crying by his grave later on, I found comfort and peace in Christ. We can overcome the most dark times in our lives.
  4. I began learning to see people differently-not as their bodies or appearances, but as their spirits inside, and their humanness. This is a work in progress that will continue as long as I live.  I’m able to forgive at a better rate and let go because I realized we are all the same. No matter what vehicle or means of transportation you have-or lack of, how big your house is or where you live, how large your bank account is or savings (for some of us, savings is sometimes a piggy bank). We all end up in the ground-or in some cases cremated. Death is inevitable for human beings. We are mortal. If somebody does something horrible to me, or hurts me, I know that I am just as capable as doing it to anyone else, myself.  “I am human. Nothing human can be alien to me.” -Maya Angelou quoting Terrance.
  5. I’m still learning. I have no more to list as of right now. The 4 I’ve listed are very dear to my heart. They’re pretty big ones 😛

Also, lets make Goals this year! Small attainable ones, and larger-in the grand scheme-kinda goals. I didn’t reach the goal weight for my end of 2014 deadline, but I far exceeded my expectations Spiritually…so yeah, I’ll take that 🙂

Things are going to happen that we don’t plan. They interupt our routine and sometimes knock us off course. But we get back up and we keep going! I believe this life is a race, and the prize is what we sow while we are here. My goal is for an amazing, Supernatural Harvest when I’m called Home to the next life.

I value people, and living things now more than ever-things to cherish. So I guess there is a number 5 after all.

Try and take as many photos as you can…but make memories! Make as many good memories as you can! They can be anything! It doesn’t have to be a big event, or anything…just share your life, share yourself! You are the best gift you can give anyone. You’re worth it.

Now Have a Happy New Year, friends!

It’s been a wonderful year blogging here at WP and making friends, sharing our lives, our stories, secrets, and our dreams.

Love you guys!

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  1. same to you! 🙂

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