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After years of limbo, a few months ago I found my peace. The peace I searched far and wide for,  just trying to fit in among today’s society. It turns out that my idea of success like what God’s plan for my life is.  I resisted this for years, but awhile back I accepted it. I praise Him for the assignments He has given me, and I continue to ask Him to use me up, and let me work for Him while I am here. There is no one else I would rather work for! 🙂

Whatever your Calling, give it your all. IT is yours. You have a job to do here on earth. So let us carry out the good things that we as individuals can do, making up God’s Grand Plan-all in our unique ways. Do not be deceived as I was for the longest time. Satan has a plan too. As follows: To distract you, deceive you, discourage you, and ultimately destroy you. But we can overcome the world. Jesus left us with so much encouragement and hope, and Truth in our Bible. If He believes in us, it must be so.

Seeking God and completely surrendering to Him changes everything.

We are going to fall down this year. Many of us will make resolutions, make attempts to reach goals. If and when you falter, do not give up. It’s part of our humanness. We can achieve our goals. So make 2015 the year of Confidence. Confidence in Christ because He is the only One that will never let us down. Amen.

Happy New Year ❤

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