Joining the Gym in my hometown=Results

I’m submitting my income-based app to the local gym as soon as I speak with the director about the bottom part of the form which is confusing and kind of N/A. She’s supposed to call today. Woo! I hope my app gets processed asap! After yesterday’s getting dressed for the Thanskgiving dinner episode, Getting back to the physical activity that brought about great weight loss this year can no longer be delayed! I am not waiting until the new year, baby! I am ready now. I am tired of the disappointments.

My hubby and I moved out of the city (Horse capital of the world) down east to the mountains. We have been so busy getting settled in these past couple of months getting everything done-everything but signing up for gym memberships. Luckily, the constant work of moving and getting settled burned tons of calories to make up for the lack of a nice fitness routine. I was weighed at the ‘female doc’ when I went for an annual a couple weeks ago. My weight was still yet down, despite losing my walks down the straight, open terrain in the city, no gain.

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time you know that being a former Bulimic, having found recovery, I try and stay positive, keeping an optimistic and hopeful outlook on life. I do not obsess over numbers, nor do I currently own a scale. Being weighed at medical appointments is sufficient for me. In fact, it prevents me from sliding back to number obsessions…and I refuse to become a slave to a scale once again.

I really do need to lose weight. Back when I acted on the Bulimic and Anorexic behavior and such I was tiny, but with the aid of the Body Dysmorphia, I saw a girl 3 times as big! The first time I heard about BDD I was so very skeptical. So much, in fact that I laughed…But it is actually real!!! Our brains play tricks on us and we can actually see something that is completely inaccurate! Its not real though. This discrepancy causes pain for so many human beings for long periods of time. I am so glad that now I recognize what went on then. Now, according to logic and medical doctors I need to lose weight. I am not trying to shrink beyond reason by any means at all. The thing is…I am more comfy being me even though I know I’m a plus sized diva…hope I don’t loose this booty.


I’m smart about this, so I know to start easy. I’m going to walk some pounds off, then eventually join the easiest exercise class for ladies. Someday I will be able to graduate on and on. Someday I will be able to run on that treadmill, not only walk. We must keep a great attitude. Attitude affects everything. Remember that.


Have a great “Black Friday” everyone! I am not going to any store of any sort-not brave enough. I do not want to be attacked over a sweater and all that.


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