A Little Piece of Our Piece of The Ocean

So…I think we’ve finally gotten pretty darn good at this salt water game. This is a pic of a part of our 75 salt tank. I love corals. They are so interesting. It’s definitely something that needs maintenance but that’s why it’s called a hobby. it looks like our Yellow Tang is trying to photo bomb us at the top, lol. All glory and credit though, I must give to my husband. He is the tank master!


And I’m his mermaid.



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    1. That would be awesome! I think it’s very rewarding. Adding to your project and watching it grow over time is very fun. There is so much to learn, always something new, and never boring 🙂
      There are even online sites for aquarium hobbyists to connect.

      1. When my children were growing up I learned how to care for a tropical tank. I ended up with two huge Oscars and a shark. They ate everything we had in the tank. But I can tell you t
        My tank was always crystal clean. I loved it.

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