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I Feel God.

Like a gust of wind, I feel my God.

When I’m broken down on the bed in our room, my eyes flooded with tears. My husband is always quick to grab me into his arms and listen to my sobbing, my screams. When my life’s mate expresses such awesome love for me, I feel my God. For God is love. All good things in the world stem from Him. The bad? We all mess up by human nature. The Lord God is always there with open arms to welcome us back when we go astray.

The same love from above I feel in my mother’s embrace. She loves me in such a powerful way that no one else can or is able to really understand. In fact, my mother is the one who brought both my dad and I to Christ. Mom & Dad were married for nearly 30 years I think before he obeyed the Gospel and was baptized. I did the same when I was nearly 15 in December of 1999. The fire for God burns stronger than ever inside of me now. Everything that has happened in my life thus far has helped me find Him.

I was watching a movie earlier and one of the characters told the main character that “The wind of one door closing opens another door.” My husband had turned the floor fan on 10-15 minutes prior, but as this line was delivered in the film, I felt a strong gust of air. I believe that God was letting me know the quote was just for me.

I also feel love when I pet and embrace my animals. I am loved by 3 Chihuahuas now, a Parakeet, and a Cockatiel. I give them all kisses. For real! These critters are my children and I love them just as if they were biological. Unconditionally.

I feel God’s love when I see acts of compassion. People reaching out to another in need. Everything good is God. I feel His presence in my daily life, and I’m holding onto Him for dear life, and of course life eternal.

In Jesus’ Name,



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