Taking Meds and Getting In Bed: Bipolar relapse prevention


Taking morning meds right now at noon. I’m a little behind schedule but my sleep was crappy last night. I just cannot stay up and be a pro-gamer with my husband because being a person living with Bipolar disorder, I need a nice, uninterrupted night’s sleep. Have you ever noticed your moods fluctuate when just one night becomes a few? I know I have. My sleep schedule has been out of whack for a little while now. I am determined to go to bed at a particular time, no matter how restless my spirit is. It’s like many times I just feel like I’m missing out on something, so inside I fight going to bed. In reality, I end up eating when I shouldn’t because of the P.M. meds, or anxiety. If I don’t go lay down after chasing them all with my sprite to cover up the chalky, blue Lamictal, the taste in my mouth is just…ugh! So it’s really not worth staying up.

It’s time to reset the body clock. I am so tired and afraid to nap, which is because my naps have become bigger—3 hours ones verses the old 1.5 hour ones. We’ve been here in my hometown for a month now, and since we’ve moved here I’ve been keeping odd hours and not sleeping as well as I should. I’ve been in treatment now over a decade for the Bipolar disorder so I know that this is a red flag. The lack of decent sleep is bad. The sign of not needing sleep when you only got a few hours the night before is a sign you’re in Bipolar hot water. Mania and depression feed off of our violating the rules for sanity! These things mess with our fragile minds. There are so many who are unmediated, or maybe they are, and still do not get the necessary sleep for stability, and the best moods/quality of life.

Last night I didn’t blog, I used the good ole journal and pen instead to get down my thoughts and feelings on a few subjects. I guess I’ll create a post with them later on.

So, yeah.

Taking meds on a regular schedule and getting a nice, uninterrupted night’s sleep are 2 of the things which are vital for a happy, successful life in which we may thrive and not just hang on to survive.

I’m working on it! As we all know, there is no cure right now for Bipolar disorder. We just have to do what we can, best we can and follow the guidelines for a healthy life and sound mind.

The move my husband and I made to this town was quite a big change. I’m going to step up to the plate now though now and work harder.


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