When Momma Ain’t Happy

“Shew! I’ll tell you what!!!”

If you hear that exclamation come out of my momma’s mouth you better head for the hills…

Ha ha…

I love my mommy more than anything! She is so beautiful inside and out. She has the most loving and giving spirit I’ve ever known.

I just thought I’d make this little post after overhearing the end of her phone conversation from the other room. Standing in the kitchen, I put my drink back in the fridge quickly and headed down the hall to see what was up. When you hear my mom say…

“”Shew! I’ll tell you what!!!”

or maybe…

“Lord’a mercy!”


“I’ll tell you what’s the truth!!!”


“I swearrrrrrrrrr to goodness!!!”

And of course there have been countless occasions in all the days of my youth where I’ve heard…

“I orta knowed”


Yes, my mother is very intelligent and went to college as well. She has a lovely speaking voice, and a southern accent. However, that don’t take the south out of a woman-and most certainly not when she’s flustered!

God bless y’all!



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