A World Going Up In Smoke

I’m hangin’ on to you, Jesus, while this world goes up in smoke…
Pathetic politicians and power hungry men, and its all such a joke.


Stocks are falling apart but our bonds are stronger than ever,

And Silver, Gold, or green paper don’t make a person any better.


Turn on the TV- all you see is hatred, victims, and war.

Crazy people going round and round and don’t even know what for.


We all want answers and we want them right now.

With smartphones and tablets, the computers  tell us how…


To live… is to die as for every beginning has its end.

Come at me! …With your chemicals, swords, and bombs, I won’t bend!


Blessed born free and it is free that I shall die.

You can take away the body, but you can’t take the soul inside.


So I hold on tight to my answered prayer, The Son of God above.

In a world of chaos and madness, what saves us is simply love.


Let’s pray tonight for Israel, Iraq, Syria, everyone, and Ukraine.

Knowing in our hearts that on His throne our God still doth reign…




So you can take that and covert that…







Whatcha think?

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