The Angel at the Grocery Store

About 2 years ago I got up early one spring morning and decided to head out and get some groceries. It was around 9 a.m. when I got there. I grabbed a cart and went about my way, picking up all sorts of items based on what we were out of at home, or things that I thought would be a great selection in general.

Thirty minutes later I headed to the check out and put all of my items up on the little conveyer belt. When it was time for bagging, the cashier told me the total, and as I reached down into my purse to dig out my wallet, I noticed out of the corner of my right eye a blonde haired woman stepping closer to me. Before I knew what was going on, she swiped her card and paid for my groceries!

What a random act of kindness! This was indeed one of the most unexpected moments of my life.

I stood there in awe. I don’t think the cashier even knew what happened. The woman just slipped up so quietly and took care of my bill. I didn’t pay any mind to who was behind me in line that day, and after that event, I could barely look at my grocery angel. I spoke up to thank her and she just simply shook her head as if meaning not to worry or something, for me to go on. Shocked, beside myself, I whispered “Thank you so much, God bless you.” I headed very quickly out to the car and put my things away. I was overcome with anxiety so much that I  think I even forgot my pancake syrup. The bill wasn’t exactly cheap either. This was so strange, such a blessing out of the blue!

It was no coincidence that right at the time this happened, my husband and I were knowingly about to undergo a financial hardship. God knew that long before we did, obviously. Whether she was an angel in human form, or a loving, generous soul, I thanked the Lord for her that day. I will never forget that miracle. In fact, I have the receipt tucked away someplace and on the back of it I wrote From my angel.

I have experienced many blessings and miracles in my young life of different sorts. This is certainly one of the greatest and most obvious. There are good people in the world. There are also angels…we could be entertaining them unaware (Hebrews 13:2).

Love is alive and happening right now.


    1. Thank you 🙂
      Yes, God is wonderful! I am so grateful for all of the little signs and blessings he shows and rains down every day. Thank you for reading and commenting, dear. God bless! ❤

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