What I Know Now…

I have felt like the woman on the right side of this image countless times. If I were able to somehow speak to the child-me, I would have so much to say…so much to warn her about more than anything. I would offer any guidance, best I could. What if we could go back in time?

I was this little girl on the left many years ago, only chubby with glasses. There was a path laid before me, full of opportunity, and times of darkness. My life, just like for many others, didn’t turn out at all the way that i had planned, but today, I’m looking back on where I’ve come from. I am stronger, more confident, and so very wise. I have the gray hair as a 29 year old to prove it! 🙂

Scars prove we’ve survived, and as we still struggle, we know that struggle is only proof we have not been defeated.

God bless.

~Image and words by Katy Perry. I just threw them together.


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