Consumed by Love

Tonight I was consumed with love. With love and comfort in the arms of dear family I haven’t seen nor been able to spend time with at all in years. It was like every hug was a healing salve to the wounds of my mind and spirit. The knots of worries and fears, clinging to the walls of my heart began to slowly unravel. This was what Jesus feels like. God is love. I was most definitely in the presence of love. Family means everything to me. Dad always taught us to stick together no matter what…

Today I was praying to God about all of the troubles and pain in life on a global stance, when taking the trash out, and I saw a faint rainbow. I put the trash in and on the way back inside I gazed up and the rainbow had faded away. I was blessed to enjoy it for the few moments that it lingered. I thought to myself, “I know You’re powerful. I know I love you. I know you love me. I know it’s going to be okay.” I smiled at the sky and went about the evening awaiting me.

Feeling loved, with the embrace of another human being, your own kind, the kind that matters most to God, human beings. He sent Jesus, His own Son, to be sacrificed for our sins so that we could know Him and gain eternal life. God loves everyone, from the most evil doing persons alive to innocent, little babies. His will is that none should perish, but that they would come to Him before it is too late. I must say that I agree with this…

“The brute, the bigot, and the batterer are all children of God, and I’m supposed to treat them accordingly.” -Maya Angelou

My eyes teared up when I made it a point to let my Grandma know how much she means to me-just how her smiles and contagious laughter radiate and the joy on her face is awesome. There’s nothing better. This was my blessing. I think she felt it too, but she most definitely blessed me.

Grandma and I when I was a troubled 16 year old.

Grandma and I on my 19th birthday in between hospital stays for my Bipolar disorder…

And finally…

My happy Grandma and I when I was just married for a couple of years at age 25, during the greatest weight loss struggle  of my life which followed the trial and errors of psychiatric meds (but it was worth it to find stability). She has always lifted me up!

I think it’s time for a new photo. 😉

My soul has been aching for some time with her for quite sometime now. In fact, I think that things like that contributed to the few deep depressions I experienced away from my hometown. Tonight I got a dose of healing medicine. I am so grateful.

Thank you God!

Glory to the Father always!



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