Spring Will Bring…

I’m bright-eyed at 8 a.m. today, this Wednesday morning!


My husband and I are seriously contemplating on moving our lives in a more healthier direction, full of possibilities, and hopefully a lifetime of happiness.

I know I’ve posted about it before…but this is the real deal.

We are relocating. Next spring, or not long after we will be seeking out permanent residence in Florida! Goodbye rolling hills and Horse Capital of the World!

I have really enjoyed all of this sky up here in central KY, and also all of my childhood in the Appalachian mountains in eastern KY near West Virginia, but the sunsets on the beach are waiting on us. Next year, at this time, we hope to be settled in to a better life.

I know that you cannot run from your problems, but its not what we are running from in our situation, its what we’re running to.


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