The first blog I ever wrote.

The Truth of it all is that…this is amazing! Thank you Zoe, for sharing this beautiful piece ❤ So full of emotion…

The not-so secret life of a manic depressant.

When you finally decide to give up, you become different to everyone else.
You wake up each morning and immediately want to go back to sleep. You give up on the everyday tasks which have been keeping you alive, and on the small perks in life that may pop up during your day. You feel no need to impress others. You quit brushing your hair and keeping yourself looking decent.
There is never a mood, just a feeling.
A feeling of numbness which pulses through your body instead of real human emotion.
You’re not happy nor sad, nor angry or relaxed.
You lay in your bed at night hoping that by a minuscule chance you might asphyxiate under the covers which have kept you warm for years. You look at the pill cabinet which you pass every morning, estimating how many it would take to end it all…

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