It’s Furry Friday Again!

This Friday’s Furry Friends just happen to include my guardian angel as well!

Her name is Little Bit. She is a 12 year old, coarse coat, Tri-colored Chihuahua with a heart the size of Texas, and the sass to beat any cat on the block. She rules the roost among the other dogs in the family. By the way, she’s the reason my hubby and I chose to adopt 2 of the Chihuahua breed as well!


Little Bit loves Car-Car rides, going Bye Bye!

My sister has three: Chloe, an 8 year old Malti-Poo with blonde locks that grow and grow! I love this fluff ball!









Baby, a 5 year old tea runt soft coat, tri colored Chihuahua like Little Bit


Ginger, a reddish brown coated ball of playful personality who loves kisses, a whole lot!





If you’ve followed me long enough, or even checked out my Blog Header, you’ve seen our 2 spotty Chihuahuas.

Lou Lou and Bella.

Bella (left) is 3, and Lou Lou is 5. They are my babies and get the royal treatment here at our house. I can’t imagine life without them.

There’s just something about our pets…our dogs. They make life extra worth living.

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