Looking Up: We Can Overcome The Pain.

Distractions keep us from living our best, from thriving and carrying out God’s plan for our lives.

When we’re busy hating our bodies, our jobs or lack of a job, financial situations, and whatever circumstances life may bring, we miss out. Precious time slips out of our hands. Every moment, every memory and all gifts from above can go unnoticed and under-appreciated. Looking down at the ground when you’re holding a grudge can delay your miracle, your blessing. Instead we must look up.

Looking up into the sky and its various cloud shapes, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, at the greatness of the mountains, and intimidation of the oceans and waters of this world, we can see Him. There’s evidence all around us and wherever we may travel on the earth that there is something bigger than we.

Today I am praying for a calming over my mind, body, and spirit. Worrying sometimes can really make anxiety grow. It’s beyond comforting to know that there is God, and He can wrap His arms around us all, with such a healing embrace. Sometimes, when I think of it, at night and something’s on my mind, in prayer, when its just me and the pillow in the dark, I ask Him to hold me, and just cradle me with love. I always sleep the best when I do this! 🙂

I see and feel God’s love, and I just wanted to share it with you. The greatest gift I’ve ever received was the gift of the Truth. The great news that God’s Son Jesus came to earth and lived as a human being, and still in these days knows exactly what it feels like to hurt, and even to cry.

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-God bless!



  1. This is so true 🙂 We get caught up in the hardships of life sometimes and forget about all of the greatness God had placed all around us. It’s amazing how he created this world and how his creations have the ability to comfort us in the most serene way. John 16:33 is one of my favorites by the way!

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