Let Everything that has breath Praise the Lord! In a dark time…I’m not scared.


Amen! I love this!
My mom loves all God’s little critters (especially squirrels). Please remember her in prayer for this Wednesday as she is having a procedure done with her left eye that went blind. In time we will find out the prognosis, but for now its uncertain if she will get her sight back or not. We are praying fervently for a restoration of her eye sight, and that things will only get better. She has always been my angel and still is. No matter what, we will still trust in the Lord because His plan is greater than anything we as humans can imagine. Without my God and His Son, Jesus, I would be lost. More ways than one. So, I praise Him in this storm as The Casting Crowns band say! 🙂
Blessed be His Holy Name Forever!!! ❤
Thank you for prayers, and sending love to you guys,



    1. Thank you 🙂
      She is doing great after the biopsy that severed an artery located in the side of her head to determine if it was a stroke or what is going on. Now she has a special ointment to apply twice a day and pain meds. We will find out the results in about a week. Praying for sight!
      I found this adorable photo on Google or Yahoo search using just the word “squirrel”
      My mom loves furry animals 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, God bless you! ❤

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