47 Years. Taking a Look at The Blessing of Marriage.

Here you can truly see the pride in my father’s eyes for his new bride, and the great love and wonder in my mother’s eyes for her husband. This is the beginning of their 47 year long marriage. My sister and I have been and are still yet blessed for this Union that God created. I am ever grateful for both of my parents. Losing my dad this past June of 2014 was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced, but the comfort from the Cross is the greatest consolation for my weary soul.

That March, 47 years ago, when this photo was taken, neither my mother nor father knew what the road ahead would bring. They just knew with all of their hearts who they wanted to share it with. These 47 years brought about many things. There were tears of both joy and sadness, many great memories, great milestones along the way-including the birth of two baby girls, 13 years apart (I was a surprise).

Maybe many would say it’s a shame that my parents didn’t make it to the great 50th Anniversary that married couples look forward to. It doesn’t bother me though because I know in my heart that they were so very blessed to share in so many years and all that those years brought. Because of my parents, I know what true love is between a man and a woman. Because of Jesus I know what TRUE love is between man and his God.

I believe that the stats for lasting marriages today are of a 40% success rate, with a terrible and growing divorce rate of 60%. Marriage is a gift from God and shouldn’t be taken lightly. I know that as human beings we have trouble in the flesh as husband and wife. There are disagreements and arguments. Sometimes things can seem so dark and like there’s no way out. I know from my own personal experience that we must take care of ourselves as individuals for the greatest success and results. We must stay away from things that harm us like addiction etc…and avoid temptation, keeping our eyes on our life’s mate. I have to go to greater lengths to keep a sound mind for making the best decisions and keeping a stable mood as I am a wife managing Bipolar disorder. I sit here in awe at how enlightened I am this moment. I am blessed to produce this post.

So, when the going seems to be getting too tough, look up. God created your partner just for you. He knows the ways you are different and the amazing ways you compliment one another. So if you are married, I challenge you to drop what you are doing and right now or at the very next available moment go to your spouse and let them know just how much they mean to you, how they live in your heart, with an “I love you.”

God bless always,



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