When You Just Can’t Forgive Someone.

Let’s look back at this in our minds when it seems we can’t forgive someone.

No matter how great the wrong they’ve done is, we must forgive others the way God forgives us by the sacrifice of His very own Son, Jesus Christ. We must forgive them to enter into the Kingdom. God is love and Heaven is The home of Love-never a tear. Nothing evil will enter in, including a grudge. We all go through difficult situations in life, from lies and betrayal, various types of abuse, or even murder, but we must forgive. Not because I think so, but because God says so. I know that seems impossible at times, but the Bible says that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength and that with God all things are possible. So it must be true. We can do this. We can let go. It just takes time and practice. God bless

Whatcha think?

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