Life Is Happening Right Now!

Yes, indeed, life is happening right now. We are making history in the moment!

Last night my sister, mom and I went out for ice cream after getting mom’s things and all settled in my sister’s guest bedroom. It was so funny for me to be the one driving with my mother in the back seat and sister (13 years older than me) in the passenger seat-just never done that before. My sister asked me if I learned to drive from my dad, which made me laugh as he was fearless and always so confident with everything in life! We were a family again, and dad was present in our hearts. I am so grateful to God for my mother and sister. I love them so!

My husband and I got my mom to the ER here by 3 am after leaving at midnight last night. Long story short, her vision is permanently gone in her left eye due to the stroke. Labs were drawn yesterday and particular tests will be done in the coming weeks to really check her system out and for stroke prevention as well. I was devastated. Mom hid her pain, but I could see the hurt in her eyes. We did not expect this, and certainly not now.

I’m not worried right now. The Father in Heaven is in charge, and with God driving, I know it will be okay. I praise Him that the stroke didn’t do any further damage. She is so blessed. My family has been spared so much heartache and pain over the years. Blessed be His Holy Name! I, too, am a living testament of answered prayer, having been protected in all of the danger I’ve been exposed to over the years because of my Bipolar disorder and so on.


I’m putting that bucket list post that I made recently in motion! We are not promised tomorrow. Things are forever changing as this world spins. I’m no longer looking for work as my world has just been shaken in a very profound way. I’m trusting in God and now I see my life’s purpose unraveling.

I think that if we make our life goals very defined, we are far more likely to stay the course. Don’t get distracted, dear friends, and keep your eyes on your goal. My personal life’s goal is to make Heaven, because as they say, This world is not my home. I am far more serious about achieving it than I have ever been in my entire life. All of the struggle of the past decade or so has brought me so close to God. I saw Him do great things in my life. He is delivering me out of it all now, and the eyes of my heart have been opened, just as I prayed.

The longer I live, the more I realize that the memories are being made NOW, and they’re all we will have to look back on, and they’re what we leave behind when we pass on.

I have insomnia-Its almost 1:30 a.m. Gotta go find the Advil for the headache. God bless! ❤


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