Its around 1:30 a.m. here in central Kentucky and I should not be awake. Part of my healthy plan and way of living includes a nice, uninterrupted 6-8 hours of solid sleep, and tonight its not looking too good… However, it doesn’t have to be a fine line of perfection. Its okay to have odd sleep patterns now and then if you are Bipolar like me. But when you notice that it’s been more than a couple times or something I think you need to evaluate your daily routine and life overall to pinpoint why you aren’t sleeping to rule out mania and other Bipolar symptoms. This reminds me…


  • Treat your sleep like a religion. Its just as significant as your medication. Be faithful to it, as Bipolar disorder is very demanding of a healthy sleep schedule-whatever shift and what not keeps you at top performance.

  • Avoid alcohol and street drugs as they can really mess you up, set you back and knock out up to years of hard work and progress.

  • Compliance is key. If you disagree with your treatment plan or medications, discuss everything with your psychiatrist. Your doctor needs to always be up to speed on what is going on in your life, your stressors, and what you are really up to-whether you are complying or not.

  • Try and minimize stress. We all experience it on a daily basis with varying levels. Stress is a gateway to mania. Don’t let that door open. Just try to eliminate what you can change and work on the rest. Find coping skills that suit you on a personal level and avoid negative things that pick you up or distract you from your life. Don’t lose your focus.

I just thought of these in my current moments of insomnia and thought I would share.




*Images via Google. Facts via Life experience.



  1. Man, i wish I could avoid stress! I’m stressed every day! The other rules I follow to a a T. Especially sleep. I take Seroquel XR 150 mgs three hours before bedtime and by that time i’m tired! So it does help…..except staying asleep it doesn’t help with that at times.

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