Who are you? Have you discovered your essence?

I am a writer.


It’s not all about grammar, the length of the article or post, or the greatness of response received from it. It’s about content too. Its about my message, what I have to say and want to tell the world. Its in the heart of me. I may not be the best writer, but I am my kind of writer.

Who are you? Have you discovered your essence?

Perhaps there’s a song inside of you. It needs to come out. You may not be the best singer, but your heart has something to say. Maybe you are one of the best. Either way, you have a blessing to share!

No matter what you have to share, It’s not about the degree of our talent, but about the importance of getting the message out to the world, ultimately carrying out our mission for the Lord during our stay here on earth. There is something inside of you waiting to be let loose, out of your heart and into the mind of others. You can plant seeds of hope, inspiration and encouragement in other people.

All human beings are unique to the world. Our own unique fingerprints, talents, personalities, and even the way we laugh make up our individuality. There’s something you are called to do, a place in God’s plan reserved for you alone. Its a position that only you can fulfill.

Embrace it. Trust Him.

God bless you, dear ones!

-Amanda ❀



  1. When I was young. I wanted the Hemingway life. Old age made me learn. I live for my children. Need old dad and Grandpa around. I like the old Native American saying. “The children are the faces of the grandparent. Treat and teach them well.” When I feel tire and weak. Eyes of Grand kids give me reasons to hang around. You need goals. Oldest child finished school. I hope to find way for our world to know peace. Old wise writer wrote. “If I can save one life with my words. I did something useful.” Thank you for your amazing blog.

  2. I love this post. It encourages me as a writer and creator. Wonderfully done!
    I have always known that God has something special for me to do, but until this year it has been rather unclear to me. I scrutinize every little thing in anything I do. I am learning to just put it out there and God will use it to His purpose, however it looks. I am so glad to have found your blog!

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