It’s Been Over a Month

It’s been over a month now since he left this plane of existence… I found a few photos of my dad today on a thumb drive. The first one is where Jerry and I took him his favorite Banana popsicles before his condition got far worse. The next one, dad and I were being silly lol…and the third one is the handsome soldier who braved Vietnam, and left it with scars of both mind and body. Yet another wonderful photo of the man that my sister and I are proud to call our earthly father, and to my mamma, her husband. I don’t really mourn now. I praise God for our daddy’s legacy of love, friendship, family, and faithfulness to the Lord. We all have so many memories to cherish, and dad is at peace, resting in the arms of Christ. There’s no comfort that you could ever find comparable to that of the Love of The Son of The Living God! Praise You, Father God in Heaven!


My husband and I would take dad treats like his favorite Popsicle when he was in rehabilitation from losing that first leg.

Seeing my daddy smile could melt my heart any day or time.

My daddy was a handsome young soldier. That war sure took its toll on his body-especially in his older years as the Agent Orange got so bad. When he passed he had many sores on his frail body. Now, he’s occupying a new body. In paradise.

The last day we spoke before things got awful, I told him how much I loved him and he said he already knew. I held on to his thin, wrapped arms as tightly as I could without hurting him just to feel him, somehow maybe on an unseen level. Love is like that. I cried. I told him I missed being apart so bad. He didn’t get sad. He was the strong one. I am ever grateful for my dad. I am beyond grateful for The Lord God Almighty/my Father in Heaven. Because of Him…because of what He gave up…His own Son, Jesus Christ, for us all…I have a hope.

“Yes, we’ll gather at the river,
The beautiful, the beautiful river;
Gather with the saints at the river
That flows by the throne of God.”
-Lyrics to the song he loved so much and requested be sang when that time came.

I love you, Daddy. I would love to have your arms around me, the whisper of your voice in my ear-the way you always told me that I did not have to tell you that I loved you because you already knew…I would love to hold you. I can’t wait to meet you by the River, and when I see you *standing* there, I’m going to smile the biggest smile I’ve ever smiled, and we will live together forever, no more pain…I don’t know if you can see me or what up there, but I am going to make you proud. You deserve a great daughter, and you are gonna have one!

-Your baby, Mandy

Ending on a note of praise and a tear, I press on! ❤

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