You Were Created to THRIVE not just survive!!! :)

via Remuda Ranch

  • “Remuda Ranch understands the pain that eating disorders can bring. There is hope and we can help. Our experienced staff help you and your loved one to the road to recovery. For over 20 years Remuda Ranch has been helping people recover from eating disorders. There is hope. There is help. There is Remuda Ranch. If you or someone you love is struggling with an eating disorder call us at 1.866.390.5100.”

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You CAN do this! I know you can! ❤


  1. I love this one. I received in a dream once something anyone can heed: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR REALIZING YOUR DREAMS, NOT JUST FOR GETTING BY. That dream wake-up call has been an inspiration to me ever since and is my
    real/ spiritual background motivation for sharing self-help techniques at Better Endings. Linda

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