Caffeine Withdrawals Day 2

I thought I was having a heart attack today. However, it was just anxiety leaving my body. I put so much of it in with those Coffees and stuff.

Getting things in order. I can’t do anything until I am completely detoxed from this anti-Bipolar stimulant drug. Yesterday I experienced some “manic switching” (things like your moods flipping on and off like a light switch, a strong agitation out of the blue, for example).

If you are Bipolar, I do not care if you like that cup of coffee in the morning or not. It is a “PSYCHOACTIVE DRUG” which defines it as this: drug that affects the mind or behavior.

There are five main classes of psychoactive drugs: opiates and opioids (e.g. heroin and methadone); stimulants (e.g. cocaine, nicotine), depressants (e.g. tranquilizers, antipsychotics, alcohol), hallucinogens (e.g. LSD), and marijuana and hashish.

I am going through a very difficult place right now because of what I did. I consumed too much Caffeine-Caffeine is just bad, all around, if you are Bipolar. I could cite sources all day long, but I can’t because of this horrific headache! My Prozac (anti-depressant) was exacerbated, and all of that cost me time. It cost me special moments, hours, days-time, that I cannot get back. Lashing out in anger over an argument or anything only to pick up a Starbucks Double shot or something was a big mistake. Each time I do this, stopping it all is worse. The physical symptoms are the worst ever-anxiety is waking me up at night. I am sleeping all day.

Yes, we are all different. We have different chemistry and responses. I just wouldn’t wish the effects of that stimulant drug on anyone dealing with a mental illness. There is definitely something going on there between Bipolar disorder and Caffeine.

Think twice, my fellow Polar Bears…its just a scary place.

God bless, always.

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