I Like The Way I Look, but I LOVE The Way I Feel!


My 40 + pound weight loss this year has been a true experience in itself. My current goal is to get to the “3/4 loss point” by the end of the year, and then finish ‘er up by my big 30th birthday next year at the end of May. From then on out its a healthy lifestyle! Diets do not work. For example, many times in the past, I tried popular diets like that shake for breakfast and lunch and sensible dinner type one, only to finish with a huge binge and come out worse than I went in!

I am a recovered Bulimic, and the word ‘Diet’ appalls me. What I’m following now is what I’ve found for myself and am still learning! Inner peace, and just knowing who I am.

Portion watch (not control, i hate that word), enough Protein and nutrients, and fruits and veggies from God are wonderful. Vitamins are blessings, as they fill in and make up where we lack as best they can! I am not taking in extra or unnecessary sugar for great health, weight loss, and because I am trying to be the exception in a family of Diabetics. I am very active as well in my exercise endeavors! In January, after a total 5 year exercise hiatus, I began doing 10 minutes of walking on a treadmill 3 days a week. It evolved over time, and has now turned into a handful of 4 mile walks throughout the week, and toning etc on days off of that walk. I am proud of my accomplishments!

Stretching is fun now! Clothes are falling down, and new ones await, right there with the rest of my life. For the longest time my weight loss was stunted by a major emotional road block (which is actually the inspiration behind an upcoming blog). Now that I have accepted my dad’s passing, and have freed myself as well, with God’s help, Its coming off. Excess weight is actually emotional pain in another form…

This is just an update on where I am with the weight loss project of 2014. You guys stay motivated! No matter what your goal and what you are working on, do not give up! This is STILL OUR YEAR!


Whatcha think?

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