Late Night Taco Bell Run.

I went to the gas station at 1:30 a.m. tonight in a plain, peach top and my Minnie Mouse fleece pants! I felt like I really stood out! Prior, the hubby and I hit up Taco Bell. I feel very bloated now, and like bluh! I would not have made that poor decision had I not taken my bedtime medicine and not went straight to bed, because it changes my attitudes toward life and goals and just everything.

Funny house lessons keep poppin up until they are learned. The mentioned above is just one of them for me. However, I did the most exercise yesterday all day that I probably at least burnt it all off and came out equal if nothing else… šŸ˜‰ We went to my husband’s dad’s house in the evening and let the dogs run around his 5 acres. They are just Chihuahuas so they were in Heaven! Haha! So…yesterday was an awesome day, unlike I’d anticipated.

I have developed new goals and have come to the conclusion that no decisions, especially big LIFE decisions need to be made now for a matter of months. I say this because after looking through my planner I realize my Caffeine usage has been out of control since my dad passed. This is very bad news for some Bipolars like myself… You know that if you’ve read me up in the past.

So tomorrow is a new day, and I am going to try and kick the habit. Its hard to put down this pick me up because these Starbucks double shots are really lifting my mood and making me giddy.

MMM and more miles! More burned cals!

Plus, I am getting a lot more physical activity in. However, on the downside, and far more importantly, these large amounts of Caffeine are impairing my judgement and I cannot see clearly as to what is really happening in my life and how to respond.

Anyhoo, ya’ll get some rest.

Night! ā¤

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