Xanax and Wine DO NOT MIX!

I just had some Alprazolam (aka, the narcotic drug Xanax). yes, I am a prescribed patient! I have been really upset today-so much that it would be impossible to blog it all out, or even enough…

So, I thought about adding a bottle of wine.

Then I looked up the drug interactions between the drug and Alcohol prior. I found that that particular combo is dangerous and can even be fatal. I wanted to go into a deep sleep because of the pain, rage, and depression I’ve been in…but I see now that the Alcohol can make the effects of the Xanax far more powerful, and slow me down, heart rate so dangerously low, bad Central Nervous System situation…that I could die.

Glad I looked that up! I wasn’t feeling suicidal. You just never know! Its best to be educated…


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