Bored Out of My Mind!


I am burnt out on all of my hobbies. I am unemployed and have been relying on these hobbies to keep my sanity. I could say as well that for a couple of them I may just be too depressed to care.

  • Using and creating with my Wacom Design Tablet
  • Reading
  • Blogging
  • Guitar
  • My morning walks
  • Movies
  • whatever…

I know now is not the time for college enrollment or a career move, but man! What am I supposed to do now? My family is going through a transitioning period where my father just passed away. Perhaps this is why I am not making the best choices. I just need some sort of fulfillment that is not here. No clue what that is. I want money, lol. I know that is not a true answer. However, money is truly power, so if I had a wallet with cash actually in it I could go shopping and at least forget about all this for a while, with a rush. Shopping is a rush for me. So are other things when I have had Caffeine… My gosh. Day 5. Somebody stop me.

This unrest is persistent.

I can’t be satisfied, or so it seems.

I just want a peace that I haven’t known in forever.

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      1. Lol. I can’t live without caffeine :). That’s why I was surprised when it seemed like you were going without it :p

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