8 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me…

1. I was blackmailed in Kindergarten by a little girl that I threw a stuffed animal at during nap time.

2. When I was a kid, I couldn’t stay the night away from home-I would get physically ill. Once I called my older sister at 2 in the morning and asked her to sneak me out of my friends house. Oh, at the logic of a 9 year old.

3. I became an artist because of Asthma. As a child I was unable to be outdoors much, and especially run because of my Asthma, so I spent many hours at the kitchen table drawing.

4. I taught my 3rd grade class how to make my personal invention of “Fork Dolls.” The idea originated in my very own little brain, and with my momma’s support, it happened.

5. I’ve only been fishing once in the entire 29 years of my life. My dad bought me a brand new kiddy-pole and took my best friend in the world Nae and I fishing when we were 10. Some special memories.

6. I sang in a high school talent show before a whole lot of people, most of them young, lol. I’ve put down the mic, but it was an experience that everyone should give a shot if they could.

7. I was inducted into the Foreign Language Honor Society at UPike my Sophomore year for Spanish Honors. All I can remember is “Hola, el gusto es mio! Eeres muy guapo.” The sentence I spoke to the sexy Ecuadorian exchange student and star athlete…heh.

8. I went to a ski resort and got geared up with the boots and everything, and didn’t even walk off the deck. HA!

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