The Whole Grain Train…









The above photo is a good look my last grocery trip. I’m jumpin’ on the whole grain train!

So… I had an ultrasound done of my entire abdomen along with a bunch of labs. Everything turned out normal. I was ever grateful for this, but there was just no answer! With all of the pain in my side I’ve been experiencing for over a month, and almost two now, no diagnosis.


I did some research and some thinking. Perhaps what is going on is related to my gastrointestinal parts. First of all, I am Lactose intolerant, and yet for the longest time I’d been eating cereal with regular skim milk. I know, right!?! Yogurt, too! I’ve been a sucker for Greek yogurt for a very long time, and anything dairy… However, I do tolerate cheese very, very well.

Maybe its all finally caught up with me.

Finally, I have no gallbladder. It was removed in 2006. This means that greasy foods are a big no no-as are foods that are high in fat content. Since I married in 2009, fast food has been a true friend to me. I am taking a stand, prompted by pain, and the desire to be a healthy person and lose even more weight, feeling better in every way!

So, here’s a toast to change. Positive change. Life changes that transform us into our best selves. Improvement!

God bless everyone today!

Get out there and make some memories! Not going any place today? While you’re at home, think on ways you can help change the world. It begins with you! And remember you are right where you are supposed to be in the moment!

Take care of yourselves-we all have different health issues, allergies, and struggles. Life is too short to worry or stress too much. Share a smile, and as Dr. Maya Angelou said, “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!”



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