This afternoon I wanted to go to lunch with my husband at a pizza buffet (even though I just eliminated fried foods from my diet), but he did not feel up to it. So… I drove into the city, near the interstate to Barnes & Noble.

For some Me-Time!

I spent around one hour walking around looking at various types of literature, journals that captivated me with their specially designed covers and different types of paper, stationary, greeting cards, and all sorts of gadgets. When I was done, I just decided I would stroll over to the Cafe in the corner for a treat.

And boy, was it good!

I sort of talked myself out of purchasing a journal because I still have many pages left in the one I am currently using, and I hate to admit it, but I rarely read! I suppose I just enjoy the atmosphere of a book store. There’s just something about it. Its so laid back. I am more of a writer than a reader! When I do read, I am more of a non-fiction type reader. Ten years ago, It was the total opposite. When I was finished with what became dinner, I drove home in my humid SUV with the windows down and music loud. No, I was not trying to be “cool,” my a/c is not working at its best right now. It is very hot here. For us, very hot is in the 80’s, and I am talking about moving to Florida, lol!

As I left the Cafe counter with my smoothie and treat, I looked around the whole joint. There were a couple of people on laptops, one using some sort of tablet, someone had a backpack, and then of course a few were using their smart phones, myself included. In that moment I was shaken up. I recalled being 18, being on the Dean’s list with an entire Rolodex full of friends, rockin’ my black, rocker boots with different skirts to match, so in love with an 18 year old boy, my boyfriend-lead singer in a rock band…and I drove a convertible. Old enough to gamble, but not to drink, fully equipped with all I needed, but didn’t think. Yeah. Wow. Being a manic, college freshman is an experience like no other! I am so glad I stayed in my hometown. I might not have made it had I attended NYU. Flashbacks!


So… I’m thinking about the purpose for my life, my calling, what I have to offer this world, my talents, and what makes me happy. My goal is to blend all of these together and somehow come out with a shake that tastes like a complete life. I obviously don’t have it all figured out yet, but I do know…

  1. I am a very compassionate person and I love helping people. I’m also very emotional. I talk with my hands.
  2. I love writing! I am a decent artist, I love and have a way with animals-especially dogs. I am very determined.
  3. Family is everything to me. I don’t have many friends, but am a very friendly person.
  4. It’d be cool to work for a Greeting Card company like Hallmark and design cards.
  5. I hate college. I have 60 hours, paid for. My brain was not medicated when I earned most of them.

I began looking around online, trying to put pieces together and come up with something. What would make me happy? What could be a rewarding career that would help others and at the same time…make a difference?

I get annoyed when I look at art/design colleges and see the part of the app where you have to submit your portfolio. I do not have one. If I had went fresh out of high school I would have. So maybe that’s not the right avenue.

The medical field is steady and reliable, or so it seems. But I am not a science kind of lady. I am an artsy lady. I want to know what’s wrong on the inside of someone (their heart aka feelings) more so than the body-or to deal with blood and be very hands on. I am not an aggressive person. About 2 years ago I applied for a job at a psychiatric hospital for a position as a mental health tech. I got the job. I quit before orientation was over. It was just enough to stir up the Ticket to Work folks with their paperwork. That’s about it. However, I did learn that working in a mental hospital is not for me-especially due to particular job duties. The blessing was to know that I was hired with 60 hours of college (concentration Psychology), no fancy degree.

I could go on and on. I have a lot to say today, haha!

Anyways, I hope you guys have a great evening!





  1. I miss my long walks through Barnes & Noble! Since I got an e-reader around 08 (or was it 09?) I haven’t stepped in a bookstore. That is something I am going to have to remedy!!!

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